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Basketball by Association: 2013-14 Atlantic Division NBA Season Preview

October 9th, 2013

The NBA's Atlantic Division was ruled by the Empire State last year, but who can also grab the Big Apple?

The Brooklyn Nets made a valiant run for the top but were thwarted by the crosstown rival New York Knicks. While both teams underwent significant roster additions this offseason, the quality and quantity of Brooklyn's reinforcements means the hunter and prey situation has likely reversed.

In the middle, the Toronto Raptors remain an intriguing and frustrating mix of overall talent and question marks in the chemistry and depth departments. The Boston Celtics are beginning a full rebuild while still professing a desire to win, while the Philadelphia 76ers have had no qualms about tanking openly.

So who wins the division and New York City this year, and is either team really true title contenders? Where do the Raptors fit into the hierarchy, and can they stay in the postseason picture at all? When will the rebuilding teams be ready to get back in the game?

NBA Lead Writer Jonathan Wasserman joins assistant editors Ethan Norof and Joel C. Cordes for the latest episode of Basketball by Association.

We'll preview the key storylines for the entire division while predicting the outcome and final standings, and we're especially interested to hear your take on the situation in the comments section!


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